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selfbuildspain html Bringing Cars To Spain, localcar (12 0), Get yourself a real bargain knockabout, err, runabout from some dodgy garage in a back street near the coast. We went down to Malaga to see four different cars. There was only one as far as we can tell, all with different photos and specs sure, but when it came to it there was just one battered wreck in a fix-up garage, and at least 3 sellers for it. The whole street was full of fix-up garages. The car had clearly been written off years before and left to rot in a ditch somewhere. Cars live on the roads and die in ditches here.

Probably safest to get a new car really, that has guarantees at least. Choose the colour you like. Then, to save upset when you get it home, specify a "Seville Piant Job". This means get them to hammer the crap out of it in random hard to reach places and scratch it all down one side. This really is compulsory in Andalucia, so if you don't get it done at the show room it will only cost you time and money later.